If you are educated in a foreign nursing school, you need to undergo a time consuming process to enter the United States and work as a registered nurse.

The process differs from state to state. Many decisions are to be made depending on your personal circumstances.

Begin the CGFNS certification process by contact CGFNS. Get your qualification and credential evaluated. Take and pass the CGFNS exam and English test. Pass the CGFNS in your own country. You need not come to the U.S. to take CGFNS exam. Though most foreign nurses are required to pass English, some of them are exempt from this requirement.

Learn how to prepare a Professional Resume. There are plenty of online resources and software tools. Learn how to take interviews. Send your resumes to as many employers as possible. Do this as soon as you pass CGFNS exam and English test even while CGFNS certification process is in progress.

You have different options regarding visa. You can come with temporary work visas like H-1C or H-1B. Or you can begin the permanent resident visa process.

Obtain a VisaScreen Certificate. You can apply for a VisaScreen Certificate, while you employment based immigration petition is in process.

Take and pass the NCLEX exam. Decider where your location of work will be. After you know which state you may be working in, contact the state nursing board and request an application pack for registration. Most states require you to have CGFNS certificate as a condition to take the NCLEX test.

Apply and obtain an Interim License. Each board operates differently, and some will issue temporary (interim) licenses for you to practice on, once you enter the U.S., until you can sit for the NCLEX. This is usually issued if all your licensure documentation is complete with the state board of nursing.

Along with your application for licensure to the concerned state board of nursing, you may also apply for an Interim Permit.

You will now need to wait for the notice of your interview date for the Green card. The Visa Interview will be at the consulate. If the outcome of your interview is successful, you will receive your permanent residence visa if you are outside the United States.

If you are already in the United States, your temporary visa like H-1B will be converted into permanent residence visa. This process is known as adjustment of status. You can also obtain visas for your family members.

After living for a few years in the United States, you can apply for citizenship if you fulfill some requirements.

Information for overseas nurses: