The Nurse's Guide to Overseas Career is the first and only guide in the world that shows you how to go to the United States, the United Kingdom,Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Research reveals that 96 out of 100 Nurses don't achieve career goals. The Guide makes you join the lucky 4 who prosper and progress in Overseas Nursing Career. With right information and Guidance from this easy to use eBook, you can succeed in your career in any part of the world. The Guide has brought mental peace and job satisfaction to many Nurses, Nursing Professionals and Nursing Students like you.

Why do you need this Guide?

You have hundreds of questions on Job, Visa, Training, Exam, Registration, Exemption.....The list is endless. No one, so far, gave you satisfactory guidance that will help you make decisions. Put an end to your anxiety and concerns now.

This easy to use guide gives you clear and comprehensive information on Overseas Nursing Career in USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Some of these countries have programs that allow you to work without passing examination, if you otherwise qualify.

The Guide gives you every bit of information you will ever need, to think, to decide and to act.

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Discover the Hidden Fortune

Do you know many advanced countries badly need many Nurses, Nursing Professionals and Nursing Students? Do you know people with the skills, exactly the same as you have, are making a fortune or leading an enviable lifestyle in these countries?

Your education and training is a goldmine that can produce endless fortune. All these days you have been sitting on it - without knowing it. Now the time has come. It's time to decide. It's time to act. No more day-dreaming. No more unconscious-sleeping. The guide can bring you the positive change you are aspiring for....

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Nobody can help you like this Guide

Many successful overseas Nurses, Nursing Professionals and Nursing Students have consulted the Guide to make important career decisions. You can't possibly know the benefits, enrichment, security and peace of mind you can bring to your life and your family through the Guide unless you experience it.

To succeed in your Overseas Nursing Career, you have to walk through these four steps, irrespective of the country of your choice:

  • Step 1 - Pass the examination
  • Step 2 - Obtain Registration
  • Step 3 - Get Job or Training Position
  • Step 4 - Obtain Visa

Do you know what stops you in achieving successful Overseas Nursing Career? Lack of information!

Now the Guide takes care of this serious problem. The Guide will make you a master of these steps. The Guide, gives detailed, step by step, accurate information on the most important countries.

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Important Note

'The Nurse's Guide to Overseas Career' is an eBook. It is not a paper book. It will be delivered to you in PDF format. You can read it on your computer or you can take a print out if you like to read the guide on paper.

Information for overseas nurses: