Though nurses are in great demand, to reach the upper side of the ladder and make progress in nursing career, you need more qualification, degrees and training.

As years roll on, your experience may get you more income. But, people younger to you - both in age and experience - will get better positions, better status and better income just because they have a some degrees that you don't have.

Before the advent of the Internet, getting an additional nursing degree means that you have to be away from your job for a few months or years. But, now it is possible to get an online nursing degree without giving up your job and income.

Online nursing programs, degrees and certificates has made things easier for you to achieve required qualifications at your convenience to make quick progress in your nursing career and specialize in an area that has high demand for qualified nursing specialists.

Online nursing programs work well for you if you are already a qualified nurse and want to have a post graduate degree or certificate. If you do not have any nursing qualification, you may still get some basic certificates and make a humble beginning in the nursing career.

Online nursing degrees are available as Associate,  Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Online nursing certificates are available in specialist areas of nursing and in basic areas. The following online nursing degrees are common:

  • RN to BSN degrees
  • MSN degrees
  • Entry level associate degree

Several types of certificates are commonly available.

The cost of course depends on the status of the nursing school. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $100 to $400 per credit. Most of the online nursing students are eligible for some type of scholarships just like traditional nursing students.

RN-BSN programs, RN-MSN programs and MSN programs require that you have RN license. Each certificate program has its own requirements.


Information on Online Nursing Education