Online degree programs and online nursing schools are a boon to practicing nurses who are unable to attend traditional colleges because of financial, time, distance and other constraints.

The development of the Internet and the telecommunication technology has revolutionized many fields and distance education is one among them. Online degree programs are the newest avatar of the traditional correspondence course.

Whatever be your present qualification and wherever you are, with some basic computer skills, the Internet, a computer, hard work and some money, you can obtain some online degree from an online school.

Classes are held in virtual class rooms. There are no physical class rooms. Communication with the teachers and the fellow students are through email, instant messengers and online forums. Lectures by efficient lecturers are delivered through the Internet as streaming audio and video files. Classes can be live and non-live. Assignments can be done online or offline and can be submitted online or offline.

Some online colleges and online universities conduct physical contact classes, if there is sufficient number of students in that area. But most international accredited online universities do not do that because of the cost involved.

Educators feel that online degree programs are better than the correspondence courses though they can never be equal to be the real, offline campus programs. Employers prefer offline candidates. There are many unauthorized schools and employers are not sure about the quality of the online degree education. However, this trend is slowly changing in some areas.

While online degree from accredited online nursing schools and accredited online universities add value to the qualification of the students by providing accredited online nursing degrees, the unaccredited schools aim at extracting as much money as possible from innocent students and giving them useless online nursing degrees. Some of these diploma or degree mills promise online  master degrees in 10 days.

Information on Online Nursing Education